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Would you like to enjoy your holidays in a peaceful environment and start the day with a fragrant homemade breakfast? Then staying in our house is the right place for you. You will be thrilled by the beauties of our region, favorable climate and swimming in the lake. Walks in the beautiful nature will open up different opportunities for recreation and entertainment. With the boat you can visit the island, where the wishing bell may fulfill your expectations. 
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Nearby attractions

Lake Bled


The main attraction of the region, lake Bled started to develop touristically as a health resort in the second part of 19th century. Due to its mild climate, Bled has been visited by guests from all across the world. Today it is an important convention centre and tourist resort, offering a wide range of sports activities (golf, fishing, and horseback-riding). It is a starting point for mountain treks and hikes, especially within nearby Triglav National Park.

The lake surrounds Bled Island (Blejski otok). The island has several buildings, the main one being the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary (Cerkev Marijinega vnebovzetja).



Lake Bled

Sava Bohinjka river


One of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia starts at Bohinjsko jezero. Several crystal clear streams which flow into the Sava Bohinjka contribute to the size of the river in its lower section and provide vast amounts of food for a large number of fish. The river is thus ideal for fly fishing. Kayaking is possible throughout the length of the river.


And there are always the walks, of course...

Fishermen at Sava Bohinjka river

Bled Castle


offers the finest view of the Bled island, the lake, the town of Bled and of the wider countryside of the Gorenjska region. According to written sources, Bled Castle dates back to the early 11th century and is the oldest Slovenian castle.

Nowadays it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia. Main part of the castle serves as an exhibition area. Display rooms next to the chapel present the ancient history of Bled from the first excavations, and the castle in individual stages of its historical development with furniture, characteristic of those times.

During the warm months, the castle courtyard hosts numerous cultural events, from which the Medieval Days, when knights present the medieval life to visitors, are the most appreciated.

Bled castle

Lake promenade


The 6 km trail around the lake offers a moderate walk along the shore with beautifull views of the Bled island, the castle and mountains.You can sit on the benches and watch ducks and swans playing on the surface of the lake.Rowing is a very popular sports activity in this area as Bled can pride itself with a long tradition of the rowing sport and with hosting international rowing competitions.

During the summer visitors can cool down in the lake at several beaches.

Swiming in the lake Bled


You will find opportunities for short or long walking, hiking and explorations in many areas around the lake. The surrounding nature is beautiful, whether you decide for the hills (Straža, Ojstrica, Osojnica, Castle) or for the Vintgar gorge or for excursions to the Triglav National Park area.

Hiking in the forest
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